DA (domain authority) is extremely important for every website. Every site owner wants to increase its domain authority.

Because higher domain authority means you have more chances to rank better in SERPs than your competitors.

So, in today’s article, we will learn how you can improve your domain authority in easy ways. Also, how page authority is different from domain authority.

Let’s start from the basics first:

What is Domain Authority?

DA is a score (0 -100) developed by MOZ to measure the authority of a website in its field. By scanning your competitor’s website in Ahrefs you can find out their domain authority.

With the help of this metric, you can plan your SEO strategy to increase your site authority.

Domain Authority is not a direct ranking signal to google. But it affects your ranking in SERPs. Moz, study and analyze the google algorithm and then come up with the DA metric.

So, we can say that the process of DA is somewhere similar to the google ranking process (not 100% similar).

Because the DA of your website depends upon the data that Moz has collected about your website. The interesting thing is sometimes it is as accurate as google and sometimes not.

But I found Moz DA very helpful in my SEO projects.

Note: Sometimes you can see low domain authority sites ranking higher than high DA sites. The reason is we don’t know about the ranking process on google. They count more than 200 factors to rank a single page.

Websites build as per google guidelines always rank better and higher than others. If you want to check whether your site is as per the google guidelines or not. Give us a call and we will tell you for free.

How does Moz calculate Domain Authority?

As per the information given by Moz, they count a total of 40 signals to decide the DA of a website. Few are as follows:

Backlinks of website

Relevancy of the incoming links

Quality of the content

Overall SEO score

Social signal and shares

How Moz Calculates Page Authority?

In-Page Authority they only check the authority of a single page. Instead of taking site-wide metrics they only take those backlinks and other factors that are linked to a specific page.

To increase your Domain Authority, you should have multiple high Page Authority pages. Below is the complete process of increasing domain authority in an easy step process.

How to increase Domain Authority?

Off-Page SEO:

This is the most important factor that affects your DA and Ranking in Serps. Every website with a strong DA has a strong backlink profile.

Keep in mind that a number of backlinks are not important. The most important thing is the relevance of those links to your niche.

How to Build a Strong Backlink Profile?

You can also make a strong backlink profile for your website. To do so you need to do the below things very carefully:

Stop Making Irrelevant Links:

Go to Moz and scan your website. Then go to the backlink section and find out the toxic links that are harmful to your rankings.

You can add no follow tag to bad links that your team members make.

To remove auto-generated links it is best to use Google disavow tool to tell google not to count these links while evaluating your site.

It will take a few days to come into effect once Google stops counting those bad links. You will see a drastic improvement in your rankings.

Gain Natural Links:

The best way to gain natural and relevant links is to generate very helpful content. The content that users want to read and share.

More content shares mean more natural links and Google is able to identify natural links and self-generated backlinks.

They have a strong spam filter process. You cannot pass their spammy filtration. You will get a penalty if the algorithm found your site with a bunch of spammy links to manipulate SERPs.

On-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO is the second important factor that affects the DA of a website. Off Page SEO means you have to deal with H1 tags, Meta Titles, Quality of Content, Size of Images, Videos, Audios, Permalinks, and Internal Linking of pages or posts.

Among all these factors high-quality content is the real secret to success. Google is a business that wants to give the best results to its users.

If you have a completely researched and high-Quality piece of content. The probability is Google will show your page on top and before other low-researched pages.

Make Your Site Responsive:

Having a responsive website is highly important for every business because Google is using the mobile index first protocol to index web pages.

If your website is not mobile-friendly or you want to test your site. Then you can do the Google mobile-friendly test.

Not having a mobile-friendly site is critical for your business. Because nowadays more users are searching on smartphones than on computers.

You are also losing your customers and revenue. Give us a call and we will make your old site highly responsive for all devices and as per the Google guidelines.

Social Signals:

Get more social signals and again the best way to get more social signals is by publishing shareable content.

Open your account on Pinterest and Reddit and tell people about your site. If they like and share your content you will get natural social shares.

Social shares signal Google that people are engaging in your content and they like it. This helps in getting high rankings in SERPs.

It also helps your site to hold top positions for a long time.

Improve Page Speed:

Page speed is a ranking factor and it also impacts user experience. Slow loading sites always have low ranks and a bad user experience.

Google doesn’t want to give a negative experience to its customers.

First of all, test your site on Google page insights. If your mobile loading speed is low then check your theme standard loading time.

You should also do the following:

  • Reduce the size of images
  • Remove broken links
  • Use Caching Plugin
  • Delete unnecessary plugins
  • Reduce HTTPS requests
  • Minify HTML Code
  • Reduce Server Response time
  • Use fast hosting
  • Use content delivery Network